Top 7 Dating Mistakes to Avoid in the First 3 Months for a Healthy Relationship

There's no fixed duration for the first phase of dating, as it varies from person to person. It's about the quality of the connection and understanding between individuals rather than a specific timeframe. But, according to various perspectives, the first 3 months of dating are crucial. We will assist you, what you shouldn't do in the first 3 months of dating:

1. Don't introduce to your family: 3 months of time in not enough to introduce to your family. You yourself will not be sure whether the person you are dating is perfect for you or not. In such a case, don't introduce your love to your family, as it may be embarrassing if your relationship doesn't last.

2. Don't ask for money and expensive gifts: Asking money or expensive gifts as soon as dating is a big mistake. If you do this, your date may leave you immediately. Never even do it.

3. Don't start talking about marriage: Knowing someone for just 3 months is not enough for marriage. Marriage is a mutual connection where you are committed to living together for a lifetime. So, give your date time to think and decide about it.

4. Don't make silly excuses: Making silly excuses creates doubts. Avoid making silly excuses. Always try your best to be perfect.

5. Don't bring up the topic of exes: It is annoying for people to talk about exes. So, in this crucial phase of dating, don't bring up topics of exes and give your dating partner priority.

6. Don't overshare your secrets: Oversharing a secret is a big mistake that people usually make in relationships. Just keep your secrets within yourself unless it's necessary to share.

7. Avoid moving too fast physically: Some dates only want to be physical with you. They may leave you as soon as they get the opportunity to be physical. This can affect you mentally, so avoid being physical too fast.