Smart people are often characterized by their ability to think critically, solve problems, and absorb new information quickly. They tend to be curious, creative, and open-minded, always seeking out new knowledge and experiences.

 Want to become more smarter ? Here we have mentioned some of the activities that will help you to make yourself more smarter.

1. Read regularly : Reading regularly can help you improve your vocabulary, knowledge and comprehension skills. You can read books, articles, blogs or any other material that interests you.

2. Exercise regularly : Exercise can improve cognitive function, increase productivity and reduce stress. Even a short walk can help improve brain function and cognitive abilities.

3. Get enough sleep : Getting enough sleep is essential for brain function and cognitive abilities. A good night's sleep can improve memory retention and increase productivity.

4. Play brain games : There are many online and offline brain games that can help improve memory, problem-solving, and other cognitive skills.

5. Practice meditation : Meditation can improve focus and concentration, reduce stress, and enhance cognitive abilities. It can also improve mental well-being and emotional regulation.

6. Eat a healthy diet : A healthy diet rich in nutrients can improve brain function and cognitive abilities. Include foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

7. Socialize : Socializing with others can stimulate your brain and improve cognitive function. It can also help reduce stress and improve mental well-being.

8. Listen to music : Listening to music can improve mood, reduce stress, and enhance cognitive abilities. It can also help improve memory retention and recall.

9. Travel : Traveling can help broaden your perspective and expose you to new ideas and cultures. It can also improve problem-solving skills and enhance creativity.

10. Learn a new languages : Learning a new language can stimulate your brain and improve cognitive function. It can also enhance your communication skills and open up new opportunities.

11. Join a book club: Joining a book club can provide opportunities to read and discuss books with like-minded individuals. It can improve knowledge, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

12.Participate in debates : Participating in debates can improve critical thinking, communication skills, and public speaking abilities. It can also enhance knowledge and understanding of different topics.

13.Practice public speaking : Public speaking can help improve communication skills, boost confidence, and enhance critical thinking. It can also provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.

14.Practice time management : Effective time management can help you be more productive and reduce stress. Prioritize tasks and set realistic deadlines to optimize your workday.

15. Play an instrument : Playing an instrument can improve cognitive abilities and enhance creativity. It can also improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

16. Practice critical thinking : Critical thinking involves analyzing information, evaluating arguments, and making informed decisions. Practicing critical thinking can improve cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills.

17. Take breaks between works : Taking regular breaks throughout the day can help prevent burnout and improve productivity. It can also help clear your mind and improve focus when you return to your work.