Demonstrations have been held in districts of Madhesh demanding the closure of the popular social media platform Tiktok. Youths have demonstrated in Janakpurdham and Siraha in Dhanusha, the capital of the state.

 The youth formed a protest committee saying that Tiktok is ruining their culture and showing obscenity. Demonstrations have been held in both districts saying 'Tiktok should be banned, those who make obscene videos on Tiktok should be punished' They have also requested everyone to run away from Tiktok and save the culture.

 The youths have submitted memorandums to the district administration office, district police office and municipal office to stop Tiktok. 

 Demonstrators, said that there is nothing but obscenity on the Tiktok platform and it should be stopped as it is spreading distortions in the society. It is a matter of concern to stop tiktok when activities such as sex trafficking, suicide and social distortions are increasing due to Tiktok.