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Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB), is an officially registered news media company under the name Routine of Nepal Pvt. Ltd. It was first established as a Facebook page in 2011 to inform about the status of strikes in Nepal. Later, the page started providing authentic information and become reliable source of information for Nepalis.

Routine of Nepal Banda : Facebook Page


Type : Online Media

Official name : Routine of Nepal Pvt. Ltd

Key person : Victor Poudel

Founded : 26 May 2011

Headquarters : Kathmandu, Nepal

Website :

Total Social media Followers : 5 millions +

About Routine of Nepal Banda

Victor Paudel, started a Facebook page named Routine of Nepal Banda on 26 May 2011 with a view to inform about status of strikes in Nepal. Later he and his team started posting breaking news and information which become reliable source of information for Nepalis at home and abroad. 

Routine of Nepal Banda is one of the most trusted news portal in Nepal. They share news through social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Instagram etc. 

Today with more than 3 million followers on Facebook, 1 million plus followers on Instagram, 350K plus followers on Twitter, it is changing the way Nepalis consume news.

It deliver authentic information, essential updates, entertaining posts, Photographs, etc. It focus mainly on holiday updates, essential information for citizens, entertainment, Photo Journalism and Citizen Journalism. RONB has also promoted photo Journalism along with tourism. 

RONB Reason of success 

RONB does not rush to break news. If it is a little slow, that probably means it is trying to verify the information. Unless something is urgent, they don’t worry about being late. The RONB team tries to verify info through various means, including local authorities, residents, and other news sources.

RONB on Social Media

Facebook : 3 millions plus followers

Twitter : 350k plus followers

Instagram : 1 millions plus followers

 YouTube : 20K plus Subscriber 


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