World-renowned sporting goods company Adidas has unveiled the official ball for the upcoming World Cup 2022. The ball has been named 'Al Rihla'. Inspired by Qatar's unique architecture, 'iconic' boats and the national flag, the ball is designed. 

 The 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup will be held from November 21 to December 18. So far, 27 nations, including Qatar, have been selected for the World Cup. The draw for the World Cup is coming up on Friday.

 Al Rihla ball is said to be the faster in the air than any ball from the previous World Cup and to provide "a high level of accuracy and reliability on the field".

 Al Rihla's core is designed to "improve accuracy and stability" and support the game's fast track while keeping in shape.

 The ball's 20 panels are included to help increase aerodynamics, helping players improve the accuracy and rotation of their shots.

 Al Rihla was made purely from water-based ink and glue, the first for a World Cup model, and the launch of the ball is the start of a global tour for Adidas to help local football communities "improve access and equity."  

One percent of Al Rihla sales will be donated to the Shared Target movement, the force will be officially available for purchase through and the company's retail stores starting March 30.