Meme was first introduced in 1976 by British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. Previously, the concept of meme was to share ideas though the images over the internet. But now, the concept of meme has become broader and more multi-faceted, evolving to include more elaborate structures such as , videos GIFs, challenges, and viral sensations.

We know meme are most popular over internet. There are many content creator in Nepal also who are involved in creating meme and entertaining us through their posts and video GIFs since long time. People who like sarcasm and comedy enjoy the meme's. Most popular format of meme over internet is providing sarcasm content along with lattest news and information. 

Although in context of Nepal, the meme Pages has not covered the broader range of content but we can't neglate the efforts done by the content creator of Nepal to bring smiles on our face.

Here we have included 10 most popular social media meme pages of Nepal. If you enjoy meme you should not forget to check these social media pages of Nepal. 

Top 10 most popular meme Pages of Nepal

 1. meme NEPAL
Photo : Facebook/ Meme Nepal

meme NEPAL is the most popular meme Page in Nepal. With more than 1.2 million plus followers on Facebook, 5 lakhs plus followers on Instagram and 20 thousand plus followers on Twitter, meme NEPAL has become the leading meme page of Nepal. meme NEPAL provide content on the social media thought Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.

Providing content since 2014, meme NEPAL has been successfull content creator who has been able to bring smiles on our face of Nepalese.

2. Jokes Nepal
Photo : Facebook/ Jokes Nepal

Similar to meme Nepal, Jokes Nepal also provide wide variety of jokes accross different social media platform like Facebook, twitter Instagram and TikTok. Where as, Jokes Nepal is most popular in Facebook and Instagram.

It was established on 2014 with the name Hancies Brodazz And Cuties Sistez and later changed the name to Jokes Nepal in 2017. After, it changes its name to Jokes Nepal, the page started gaining more popularity.

Till date Jokes Nepal has gained 1.1 million plus followers on Facebook and 2 lakhs plus followers on Instagram. The speciality of this page is most of thir memes reflect Nepali culture.

3. NAJ Entertainment
Photo : Facebook/ NAJ Entertainment

As like meme NEPAL and Jokes Nepal, NAJ Entertainment is also a meme Pages providing content on social media since long time. Established on 2011 with the name Nepali Adult Jokes, the page name was changed to NAJ Entertainment on 2017. 

NAJ Entertainment provide wide variety of jokes, viral and sarcastic jokes, viral video, funny content and interesting stuffs.

NAJ Entertainment has 1 million plus followers on Facebook and 135k plus followers on Instagram. The page has contributed a lot in Nepal meme market.

4. The Nepali Fever
Photo : Facebook/ The Nepali Fever

More famous over Youths, The Nepali Fever has gained popularity over a short period of time. Established on 2018, It has mass fan following. This is one of the fastest growing meme Page of Nepal. Also, being a part of famous facebook page Routine of Nepal Banda , The Nepali Fever has many more to go.

With 2 lakhs plus followers on Facebook, 20k plus followers on Instagram, The Nepali Fever is being famous among Youth over a short period of time.

5. NEPSE memes
Photo : Facebook/ NEPSE memes

Interested in share market ? Here's you get meme related to stock market. Lately in 2021, IPO craze was increasing in Nepal. At that time NEPSE memes Pages was established. Most famous among the Stock Market investors NEPSE memes provide wide variety of memes relating to share market and the daily market trends. 

It has 50k plus followers on Facebook and 2k plus followers on Instagram. Although with the less followers, the page has high level content meme regarding share market. If you are interested in share market, Just follow the page you will enjoy it.

6. Books of Teenager
Photo : Facebook/ Books of Teneger

"You feel we write - Bringing you words for emotion" a slogan of the page Books of Teenager. The page is providing content related to the emotions of teenager as mentioned in their slogan. This page mainly focus on the changes on people's emotions during the time of teenager. The page is worthy for the people who wants to share the meme which reflects their life during their teenage period.

The page has 675k plus followers on Facebook and 855k followers on Instagram. This is only the social media pages of Nepal which is more famous on Instagram platform then in Facebook.

7. Troll Football Nepal
Photo : Facebook/ Troll Football Nepal

If you are interested in Football, you shouldn't forget to follow the page Troll Football Nepal. The page has been providing football related meme since 2018.

 Established with the name Troll Football Nepal videos on 21 February 2018 and Later on 11 July 2018, the page name was changed to Troll Football Nepal. You will get quality meme content related to football. The page has followed the current meme format i.e. providing meme content along with the football news.

8.Troll Cricket Nepal

Photo : Facebook/ Troll Cricket Nepal

Are you crazy of Cricket, Here you have a meme page related to cricket. The page has been providing cricket related meme since 2017 . You will get quality meme and information related to cricket over here. 

The page has 58k plus followers on Facebook and 1k plus followers on Instagram. Although, the page has less followers over the social media, it is the leading cricket related meme page of Nepal.

9. Name not Important

Photo : Facebook/ Name not Important

Name not Important is one of the popular meme page of Nepal. Established lately in 2020, the page has gained 136k plus followers on Facebook and 600 plus followers on Instagram. The content on the post are related to teenager and students. Most of the content are related to the silly things that people do in their childhood and teenage period. So, people relate the meme on their life and enjoy sharing them.

As compared to other meme pages, Name not Important is the only fastest growing meme page established after 2020. Even there are many meme pages competing in the meme market since long time, Name not Important has created a huge fanbase in short period.

10. Troll Nepal

Photo : Facebook/ Troll Nepal

Troll Nepal is the Nepal's first troll page. Providing content since 2012, the page has been contributing in the Nepali meme market since a decade. We can say that Troll Nepal is the social media pages which established the meme market in Nepal. Although, ther meme Pages established lately are more successful then the page Troll Nepal, we can't forget the contribution of this page in Nepal meme market.

The page is still in operation. Although the page is unable to provide wide variety of memes, most of the meme are related to current affairs and trending topics of Nepal.