Social media has been the major platform for gaining knowledge and information. There are many social media pages providing you news and information in a different way.  People's choice of consuming news and information has been changed over the time. People don't prefer to read lengthy news, people's always want to get news and information in shorts. As per people's desire, there are many social media pages providing news and information inshots, completely in a different way then that of main stream media. 

Top 10 information based social media pages of Nepal 

1. Routine of Nepal Banda
Photo : Facebook / Routine of Nepal Banda

Routine of Nepal Banda aka RONB is the leading information based social media pages in Nepal. Established in 2012, with the aim of providing news related to strikes in Nepal, RONB has changed the way Nepali people consumes news. It is known for the authentic and reliable source of news and information.

Till date Routine of Nepal Banda has 3 Millions plus followers on Facebook, 1.1 millions plus followers on Instagram and 379k plus followers on Twitter, 250k followers on TikTok, 20k plus Subscribers in YouTube, RONB has become the leading social media pages 

2. Facts Nepal

Photo : Facebook / Facts Nepal

Facts Nepal is one of the authentic source of information for the people who wants to read short news accross the social media platform, Facebook. Established on 2018 with the name Nepali Political Jokes and later changed to Facts Nepal on 2019, the page has been providing an reliable information since long time.

The page played an important role to inform the people about the Covid-19 updates during the Covid-19 pandamic. It gained popularity at that time. Followers of the Facts Nepal trust the page as trustworthy source of information. You can follow the page, You will enjoy reading the posts. In short, Facts Nepal is trustworthy.

3. No next Question

Photo : Facebook / No Next Question

No next Question is another information based website you can trust. Most of the posts are political but trustworthy. Established on 2020, the page is popular among the critics of politics. It also provides the news updates and many other historical and cultural Nepalese stories. 

The page has gained 77k plus followers on Facebook and 50k Plus followers on Instagram. In short, you can trust No Next Question as reliable source of information.

4. Routine of Share Market

Photo : Facebook / Routine of Share Market

A page created after Inspired from Routine of Nepal Banda, Routine of Share market is really a reliable source of information related to share market. Since 2021, Routine of Share market is providing authentic information relating to the share market and the financial sector.

Routine of Share Market has gained success over a short period of time. It is the leading social media page in sector of stock market. IT has been providing information in Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

 A news related to IPO issue and allotment. Dividend declaration notice and many more information has helped the new and old investors to gain knowledge and get informed about the stock market.In short, It is trustworthy source for information regarding share market.

5. Routine of Education 

Photo : Facebook / Routine of Education

Although the page used to copy the contents from various unvarified sources previously. Recently, it has become the part of Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB EDU). So, we can expect the reliable information from them now. Recently after being part of RONB, the page is providing authentic information.

The page has 278k plus followers on Facebook and 4.5k plus followers on Instagram. In short we can say as of now, people can trust the page being a part of RONB EDU.

6. TU Notice 

Photo : Facebook / TU Notice

 TU notice provide information regarding the exams and results update of TU. It is Really helpful source of information for TU students. Established with the name SLC results 2072, the page has changed its name several times. Currently, the page name is TU notice. As its name, the page provides the updates helpful for the TU students

The page has 346k plus followers on Facebook and 9.5k plus followers on Instagram. In short, it is trustworthy source of information for TU students.

7. Routine of Nepali Cricket
Photo : Facebook / Routine of Nepali Cricket

If you are interested in cricket then the page routine of Nepali Cricket is the information page providing you every information about Cricket. Same as Routine of Share Market, the page is also inspired by the page Routine of Nepal Banda. The cricket related posts from this page are trustworthy. Established in 2018, the page is playing important role in providing news regarding Nepal and world cricket.

The page has 147k plus followers on Facebook and 1.9k plus followers on Instagram. In short, it is trustworthy source of information for Cricket lovers.

8. NEB Results and News 

Photo : Facebook / NEB Results and News

If you want to obtain every type of information, then you can follow the page NEB Results and News. The page is neither reliable nor too trustworthy but it brings variaty of unverified news. So, the updates on this page may be fast but may not be correct.

The page has 182k plus followers on Facebook. In short, it is the platform to find evey viral topics related updates. Page is more popular among the students below class 12.

9. Shikshya ( शिक्षा ) 
Photo : Facebook / शिक्षा

 As like other education based social media pages Shikshya is also the pages providing education related news. As like NEB Results and News, this page also copy the contents from other media sources which may not be trustworthy. Although, the pages copy content from the main stream media, it is somehow trustworthy.

The page has 386k plus followers on Facebook. In short, it is the platform to find education related updates. Page is more popular among the students and teachers.

10. Stories of Nepal 

Photo : Facebook / Stories of Nepal

Last but not the least. Stories of Nepal is unique and different from other information Pages. As its name, it shows the stories of Nepalese people. Inspired by Humans of New York Stories of Nepal started sharing the pictures of Nepalese along with the conversations with done with them. Established in 2013, the page has been contributing a lot in the sector of photography.

The page has 442k plus followers on Facebook and 30k plus followers on Instagram. In short, it is the platform of sharing photograhs of Nepalese and their culture. Page is popular due to its unique ideas of sharing people's stories.