Routine of Nepal Banda aka RONB, is a social media pages that has been providing useful information to Nepalese citizens residing inside and outside Nepal. Page established with the objective to inform about bandas, later converted into most trustworthy source of Information for the Nepalese Youth.

Any breaking news there, already published by the main stream media but also people visit RONB post to confirm it. Short news with a simple English ( sometimes Nepali and combined English and Nepali ) makes the page unique. Although, the page is officially registered as online media under the name, Routine of Nepal Pvt. Ltd, the page is providing news in the same old format, like status.

The page is followed by many from kids to senior citizens. The page is more famous among Youth. Students of SEE and +2 gets notice of exams and results over here.

The page has created such a a hype that many people still don't believe the news from other verified sources, untill Routine of Nepal Banda confirms it.

The page has also prometed photo Journalism along with tourism. It provides various events notices, government related information and news that will be favourable for youths.

Page established in 2011 has gained such a fame that people's trust this page more than any main stream media. It not only created trust, but also has changed the way people consumes news in last 10 years.