You might think that a Google search can find all the online content in the world. If so, you're wrong. Because when you do a Google search, the content that Google finds is only the content on the Surface web, and that's only about 10% of the Internet.

Surface Web are websites that search engines like Google, Yahoo can find, and you can find such websites easily from web browsers like Google Chrome.

 Another is the Deep Web, which you can't find by searching on Google. Such websites are protected behind other security walls or by passwords. The Deep Web has taken over most of the Internet. Your bank account, your eSewa account, Khalti account, medical reports etc. are examples of Deep Web.

 Another is the Dark Web, which people think as a place of internet for illigal activities. Most of the Internet fraud and illegal activities from the Internet are done through the Dark Web but the Dark Web is not designed to work illegally and the Dark Web itself is not illegal. It is illegal to buy and sell illegal goods from the Dark Web, to use dark web is not illigal.

 What is the Dark Web and what does it do?

 The Dark Web is part of the Internet that does not appear in search engines and requires access to an unknown browser called Tor. It is a decentralized network of Internet sites that tries to keep users as anonymous as possible by encrypting all their websites through multiple servers and encrypting each step.

  Most of the popular sites on the Dark Web are criminal. Dark web sites cannot be easily traced. You can find lot of illegal activity transactions here, as it is not easy to find out who is running the website and and their location. There are no user-friendly names; You have to search and find them, and traditional search engines like Google do not work. Instead, you should use a special dark web search engine.

 Before, even though there were illegal activities on the Dark Web, financial transactions used to be less. Because you have to use the bank's dabit or credit card to do financial transactions. This way the bank could easily trace them when making payments using the bank card. But now that digital currencies such as Bitcoin are being used, it can be more easy for such people, to do online transaction. Since the websites on the Dark Web are not easily traced, it is not possible to say exactly how many illegal activities are taking place there.

 Data is traded on the Dark Web. Some data is even stored on the Dark Web for free. When companies have data bridges of some social media, such data is found on the Dark Web. Not only data but also illegal drugs, weapons, money laundering, illegal drugs and other goods are being traded here.

 A key feature of the Dark Web is its instability. Sites come and go quickly, especially illegal sites running by criminals.

  Remember, if you decide to use the Dark Web, take the necessary precautions. You shouldn't jump on the Dark Web without educating yourself ahead of time. You can be hacked yourself when you access some sites on darkweb, because there are more fake people than good ones on the dark web.