For the professional investors there in no any time which can be considered as best and worst. They can book profit at any time watching the situation of the market. Maket get influenced by many factors in different period of time. They study, observe the circumstances and take benifit of such opportunities. They take decision to buy or sell as per market situation, companies performance, companies future expected growth, government decision and other external factors affecting market price.

But incase of new investors, we will see most of the investors enter share market in the month of Ashar - shrawan. In this period, most of the company's profit will be made public. Most of the news are positive. So people think that the market is in bullish trends and start investing in this period.

But the smart investors thinks in a smart way. They predict the possible profit of the company and invest in share market in the period of Mangshir - Poush and book their profit in the period of Ashar - Shrawan when the market is influenced with the positive news.

If we see the history of share market, we will find that most of the time share prices of many companies has decreased in the period of Mangshir and Poush. Similarly, prices start to increase in the period of Chaitra and Baishak. Most of the time share market is seen high in the period of Ashar - Shrawan. Investing in such period when market is too high may be risky for the investors who are new to the market.