World is moving towards digital currency. But, Nepal has imposed various restrictions regarding online transactions of digital currency. Although, many people are getting scammed and money is going out illegally through these online platforms. But, imposing ban on digital platform may not be good decision, as world is accepting digital currency for transactions. It is also said that, digital currency is our future.

Recently, Nepal Rastra Bank has published a notice to warned people not to be involved in the business of network marketing based on pyramid scheme and trading of Cryptocurrency, stating that such business are illegal in Nepal.

 Rastra Bank has said that, if anyone found involved in business of Cryptocurrency and Networking schames, they will be punished as per law. If Nepali citizen residing in Nepal or outside the country or foreign citizens are found operating business of Cryptocurrency and Networking schames in Nepal then Nepal Rastra Bank will take action accordingly.

In my view, Internet is not only for using TikTok. Nepal government should form a regulatory body to regulate such transactions and let people to make Transactions using digital money as digital currency is our future.