Never listen rummors on share market. Always get aware of fake information and social media status like "Boom Boom". We will also find fake information of companies marger, huge divided and bonus declaration etc before companies official decision. If you are not familiar with such companies, you don't know about such companies performance then never listen to such information before it's official. 

You will also find many people who suggest you to sell all your share when the market is down for a few days. Also people suggest you to buy more and more share when market is in upward trends. Although, most of the investors have this thought but you will not get benifit from this always. You may too suffer huge loss.

Always try to become a smart investors. Smart investors always obtain benifit from both bullish and bearer trends. Give some time to study about share market, companies performance and companies future expected growth. Always invest in the company which you are familiar with. Make your decision yourself, never let your decision get influenced by other people. No one is perfect in share market, no one can make 100% right prediction. So, study about the market and make investment decisions accordingly.